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New Persian (Farsi) Books of February & March 2020

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10 Courageous Men / 8 Volumes


10 Courageous Men / 8 Volumes

ده مرد رشيد / مجموعه 8 جلدي

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By: Shapor Aiyan Nezhad
story book, iran, irani, persian, farsi, literature

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Price: $400.00

Item # 63562  

Kind of Product

Product Details

Publisher: Dabir
Place of Pub. Tehran
Year of Pub. 2019
Pages: 3271p
ISBN: 9786008521488
Binding: hardcover
Additional Details: Rare Book / Hard to find / Shipping is not Included 5645 gr.

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Book's Description:


 story persian farsi literature story fiction adabi adabiyat gheseh dastan roman ايراني ادبيات فارسي پارسي ادب داستان قصه رمان ادبي داستاني 9786226999151



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