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Talking Dictionary: Model SD990P


Talking Dictionary: Model SD990P

مترجم جيبي اطلس سخنگو: مدل اس دي 990 پي

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Company: Talking Dictionary

dictionary, english, language, atlas

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Price: $760.00

Item # 30100

Kind of Product

Product Details

Company: Talking Dictionary
Year: 2010
Additional Details: Support through the Producer Company 1500 gr.

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Product Description:



Contains 3 complete dictionaries (E-E, E-P, P-E), Thesaurus, English usage, idioms dictionary, animated dictionary, illustrated dictionary, English abbreviation, personal dictionary

Atlas EnglishPersian Dictionary

Contains an inclusive dictionary of English words and phrases with their Persian meanings

Atlas Persian English Dictionary

Contains a general dictionary of Persian words and phrases with their English meanings

Collins Advanced English Dictionary

Contains an advanced dictionary of English words and phrases with their English meanings

Collins Thesaurus A-Z

Contains an advanced thesaurus of useful English synonyms and antonyms with their examples

Collins Cobuild English Usage

Contains information about usages of English language with general grammatical rules

Collins Cobuild Idioms Dictionary

Contains thousands of English idioms with in-depth treatment of their meanings and usages

Animated Dictionary

It displays words with animated illustrations

Illustrated Dictionary

Displays many words of daily life with their illustrations in categories

English Abbreviation

Contains lots of abbreviations with their English and Persian meanings

Personal Dictionary

Contains a record of the user's favorite words

Global Search

Searches for a desired word in all available dictionaries



Contains Vocabulary, Dialog, Phrasal Verbs, Idioms, etc


Contains the most used vocabulary in English language and their Persian meanings


Contains important types of dialogs needed in English


Contains idioms and peculiar language structures that have special meanings


Contains the most important English proverbs and their Persian equivalents

Basic English Words

Contains all the basic English words found in English language

English Examples

Contains examples of English words

Irregular Verbs

Contains verbs that have irregular forms

Irregular Plural Nouns

Contains plurals that have irregular forms


Contains words that have short forms


Contains words that have same or nearly same meanings


Contains words that have meanings opposite to other words


English Grammar

Contains English grammatical rules, tests and common mistakes in grammar

English Grammar

Contains the basic English grammar with explanations and tests

Test Your English Grammar

Contains various forms of tests in English grammar

Say & Don't Say

Contains selected common mistakes in grammar, usage of prepositions, and vocabulary

Punctuation Marks

Contains detailed explanation about punctuation marks



Contains various kinds of information and tests to examine your knowledge

Chemical Elements

Contains a list of chemical elements sorted by atomic no., symbol and name

Test Your Knowledge

Contains multiple-choice tests in general knowledge

Inventions & Inventors

Contains a list of almost all inventions and inventors

Internet (Chart & Terms)k

Contains a dictionary of Internet general and chat terms


Contains information about the galaxies, stars and planets


Contains information about the continents, highest and deepest places on Earth

Roman Numerals

Allows you to know the equivalent Roman numeral of any inputted numeral

World's Main Languages

Contains a list of spoken languages worldwide with a brief explanation about each


Contains some information about food and activities calories


Contains a list of phobias, and psychological fears

Human Anatomy

Contains a dictionary of the human body terms



Contains different types of quizzes in different types of English language


Contains a quiz about the meanings of Persian words

Irregular Verbs

Contains a quiz about irregular verbs forms

Irregular Plural Nouns

Contains a quiz about irregular plural nouns forms


Contains a quiz about short and full forms of some English words

Correct Spaces

Contains a quiz about adding correct spaces to English sentences


Contains a quiz about correcting letters order of English words

Memorize the Word

Contains a quiz about memorizing the spelling of an English word then rewriting it

Sentence Order

Contains a quiz about writing the correct word order of English sentences

Listening Comprehension Test

Contains a quiz about listening to a paragraph in English then answering questions about it

Reading Comprehension Test

Contains a quiz about reading a paragraph in English then answering questions about it

Business Worksheets Quiz

Contains a quiz about business expressions in a grammatical form

Grammar Worksheets Quiz

Contains a quiz about different types of English grammar



Contains different kinds of calculators, and other calculation applications

Simple Calculator

Allows you to calculate simple equations

Engineering Calculator

Allows you to perform engineering calculations

Scientific Calculator

Allows you to perform scientific calculations

Scientific Drawing

Draws curves for different formula

Multi-Lines Calculator

Allows you to view the parts of the equation you are calculating

Man-Hour Calculator

Allows you to calculate the work time in hours or days

Cost-Profit Calculator

Allows you to perform cost and profit calculations

Statistic Calculator

Allows you to perform statistic calculations

Metric Conversion

Allows you to convert metrics

Currency Exchange

Allows you to exchange any currency you select

Income & Expense

Allows you to calculate the income and expense

Investment Management

Allows you to manage the investment

Formula Calculator

Allows you to calculate formula

Equation Solving

Allows you to solve equations

Coupled Equations

Allows you to solve coupled equations



Contains Telephone, Memo, Schedule, PC Synchronization, To Do List, Calendar, Anniversaries, Class Schedule, etc


Contains a telephone book for saving numbers and names


Contains a sheet for writing important notes


Contains a time schedule and alarm for business uses

To Do List

Contains a sheet to remind you of the tasks you have to do

Calendar (Gregorian and Shamsi)m

Contains advanced calendar with days, dates and years


Contains a sheet to remind you of the major events and anniversaries you input

Class Schedule

Contains a table for saving classes and subjects for students


Contains a blank sheet on which you can paint anything you want


Contains a lined sheet on which you can write and draw in shorthand

Personal Information

Contains a center for personal usage for the user

PC Synchronization

Allows the user to synchronize data between the PC and the device



Contains many applications to help you to run different multimedia files

MP3 Player

You can manage and listen to your MP3 files

Video Player

Allows you to manage and watch your video files

Flash Player

Allows you to run flash files

Photo Album

Allows you to manage and display the downloaded photos

Text reader

Displays the downloaded text files

PDF Reader

Displays the downloaded PDF files


Allows you to record your voice



Contains Date, Time and City, Daily Alarm, Prayer Times, System Setup, etc

Date, Time and City

Allows you to set date and time to the selected local city

Daily Alarm

Allows you to set daily alarm


Allows you to estimate specific periods of time

Prayer Times

Allows you to view prayer times according to the selected city

Prayer Alarm

Enables you to set the desired prayer alarm


Informs you about the direction of Qibla and the distance to MAKKA

File Management

Helps you to organize the files in the device

Data Management

Contains a list of memory contents such as optimization, deletion and the available memory in the device

Greeting Message

Allows you to write your own greeting message when turning the device on

System Setup

Allows you to change any function setup in the device



Contains various types of interesting games

Square World

Order at least 3 bricks to form a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line of similar alphabets

Connect 5

Make a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line of five black circles

Square Chess

Try to get more black checkers by adding them in the squares

24 Points

Calculate the displayed numbers in a way through which the result will be 24 points

Land Mines

Walk in the mines land without making an explosion


Rearrange the numbers correctly in the box

Box Mover

Push the misplaced boxes to cover the holes in the passages


Try to trap the cat

Fruit Dishes

Make a line of five similar fruits

Dot Eater

Move the dot eater through the passages away from the ghosts to eat the dots

Mushroom Man

Move the mushroom man through dangerous passages to eat the mushroom


Build a pipeline that takes the oil out of the box

Super Shooter

Shoot the balloons, you have ten arrows


Build a line of bricks


Try to shoot your enemy tanks to protect the castle


Shoot the bees avoiding hitting with them


Hit all the bricks with the ball by moving the control bar avoiding dropping the ball down


Convert the bad elves into good ones by using magic



Allows you to download many applications

*** This product can be shipped only via Express Shipping Services.

dictionary atlas english persian farsi اطلس ديكشنري لغتنامه فرهنگ لغت انگليسي فارسي زبان آموزش آموزشي همراه




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