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ALERT: As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 emergency, certain packages may take longer than usual to arrive. It's been about a few months that the USA, Canada and Australia Postal Service has been issuing new quarantine orders to receive packages by registered airmail / regular mail and unfortunately it may takes more than 2 months!
If you are in a hurry to receive your order, the Express Shipping is a good option.

All about Shipping !
Here are all details about shipping:
  1. Our products are shipped insured, and packaged very carefully. But some times, during transportation members of post office in other countries made the parcels damage. We have not any responsibility about this and can not be responsible for the arrival of the package.

  2. There are four methods for sending the orders: 
    1- Via Registered Air Mail. (Shipping charge will be calculated after placing order by customer)
    2- Via Ground Shipping. (it's not recommended at all).
    3- Via
    DHL, TNT or Kara Express Shipping. (Customer should accept the price)
    4- Via Air Freight. (It's usually free of charge)

  3. Via Registered Air Mail: Most of the orders are sent via this method. After receiving the payment, we will send the customer order. The delivery time is not so clear. We have some orders that are delivered to the customers in only one week! But, it usually takes around 15-25 days (in Normal Situation). There will be a problem if it takes more than 5 weeks via Registered Air Mail. The tracking service is not accurate and up-to-date for packages sent through Registered Air Mail. Just tracking service for express shipping is very accurate.
  4. Via Ground Shipping: It's really not safe at all !!! We are not recommending this method to the customers. It takes more than 2-3 months and it's possible that the customer gets the damaged parcel ! We do not accept any responsibilities for delay or damaged orders via Ground Shipping.
  5. Via DHL, TNT or Kara Express Shipping: The DHL, TNT or Kara Express Shipping are very safe. They take around 3-14 work days (in Normal Situation). Customer can track the shipment via Internet. But of course the prices are so expensive and the customer should accept the price.

  6. Via Air Freight Shipping: This method is available only for the mass orders. The weight of the order should be more than 20 kilograms. The package arrives at the nearest city which has a customs department. It's very safe and the customer can track the shipment via Internet. Usually it's free of charge for orders more than 100 kilograms.


  7. Customers satisfaction is first for us therefore we have decided to accept the important part of the shipping charges of each order for sending via Registered Air Mail. Of course, customer is to accept the shipping charge for some heavy items. It has been mentioned on the details of the item.

  8. Shipping charges will be calculated after placing order by customer. Our Customer Service Department will email the final invoice include shipping charge to customer.

  9. We check the address of the customer before sending the order. If the address of the customer is not correct and the parcel is sent back, we will charge the customer for resending the order.

  10. We are packaging and warping the orders very well. When customers are receiving their orders, they should sign an Advance receipt that is on the parcels.

  11. If there is a problem with receiving the order, we will check the matter from our side (Iranian Post Office) and also, customer should check from his side. We will do our best but, It may takes some months! We will be unable to respond to any shipping related enquiries within this period. Therefore customer should be patient to solve the problem by Post Offices. 

  12. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to Contact us.

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We Accept Credit Cards !

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